We are a graphic design company characterized by constant growth
and many years of considerable professional experience.
We work hard and passionately to provide our clients with graphic and web services
to fulfill their communications needs.

We strive for excellence in every project we carry out.
We hold strong values, which enables us to be highly committed
to our clients' goals and dreams.


Excellent counseling service // Best technology for design and programming
Short and agreed turnaround times // Creativity and effective communication
Products suitable for each client's needs and budget.


A design work, that is done by qualified professionals specialized in
visual communications, has greater communicative power.
The resources used by experts enable the audience to have a favorable response
to a message and stick the conveyed meaning in their mind.



We specialize in the development of websites that meet our client's specific communications needs.

Today the image of a company plays a very important role. Our clients choose us to make them stand out and differentiate themselves from their competence.

Through a creative and attractive design, which immediately impacts on the reader, you can make your client stay on your site longer and have a favorable response to your company's communicative aim. What is more, with an appropriate website development, you will be able to lead your client's click to important tabs, such as contact forms, products, news, among others.

A customized website enables you to give a new aesthetic appeal to your company or to maintain the one that it already has but make its visual appeal and functionality more powerful. Furthermore, a website that is suitable for your target audience can also be created. We offer you our creativity and this excellent website service to attract the attention of your potential clients.

Through an appropriate layout and website programming and social networking, we can help your site achieve favorable search engine rankings.

We design and develop responsive websites, i.e., we adapt website formats for different mobile devices, such as tablets and cell phones.


A company's logo represents a company itself. It is the main pillar on which to create a solid image of your company and to reflect your ideals. The logo influences in your business and the relationship between a company and its clients. Disénica will assist you with the design of a logo that reflects your company spirit, that the client immediately associates with your company, and that it differentiates itself from its competence. The logo should consist of a simple design and message. It should be adapted for different types of media, print as well as digital media, _websites, advertisements, videos, print material, personal cards, pens, clothes, and pins, for instance._ Count on our experience and counseling service to achieve your aims and succeed in making your logo have a lasting effect on the viewer.

Advertising companies trust us to faithfully represent the idea they want to convey. A design that immediately impacts on the reader is essential to make an advertisement succeed in expressing the conveyed message.

Advertisements in magazines and newspapers, graphics in public spaces, banners, and flyers are powerful marketing resources we offer to our clients. We know that the time of production of an idea meant for advertising and its promotion should be very short. That is why our team works efficiently to accompany you on such an important process for your company. Make your company's image more powerful and transmit the message you need to convey in the most convenient way. We provide you with professional assistance to create an attractive and creative design work for your company.


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We are very interested in helping you with your project and provide you with the tools that the Internet offers to make your company grow.

We will give you professional assistance in determining your needs and offer you solutions by keeping to your budget.